East West Acupuncture Clinic

The office of Alexcia Trujillo, DOM is a unique type of primary care clinic in Albuquerque, New Mexico in which eastern and western medical science unite creating reliable, effective treatments. Compassion, intuitive skills and over 37 years as an acupuncturist have made Dr. Trujillo a capable medical detective and medical problem-solver.

Our patients appreciate the clinic for being a safe, joyful, relaxing place, in which they have time to talk to Alexcia about their interrelated physical, emotional, social and spiritual life and those impacts on health.


Services We Provide

Primary Care in the Specialty
of Oriental Medicine

Evaluation and treatment of many internal health concerns can be achieved with acupuncture and herbs. In our office acupuncture is the most commonly used treatment of the oriental medical techniques, which includes: dietary therapy, massage, mediation and herbal medicines.

The clinic has an on-site pharmacy of prepared herbal pills and powders. For some patients, only herbal medicine is required for treatment. Herbal consultations can be provided as needed.

Orthopedic Acupuncture

Dr. Trujillo has dedicated most of her career to the evaluation and treatment of injuries to joints, muscles, nerves low back and leg pain , neck pain, sports injuries, and the reduction of scars and adhesions from surgury wounds.

Two types of electrical therapy are available at EWAC: The TENS type stimulation, and Micro current therapy. TENS is generally applied to cases of severe neuro-muscular pain, sciatica or paralysis. Micro current is used to support tissue regeneration, reduce inflammation-especially of joint structures.

Specific stretches, physical therapy exercises, range of motion, muscle activation recommendations, infrared heat, dry needling, gua sha and scalp acupuncture can all be part of the therapy given by Dr. Trujillo.

We often refer to other types of providers becuase sometimes it takes a team of therapist to achieve optimal recovery from injury.


Listed below are the conditions commonly treated with acupuncture and oriental medicine. If you have questions about certain symptoms or conditions and don't know if acupuncture can help, please call us.


Nasal Allergies, asthma, sinus infections, colds, ear congestion/pain, sore throat, vertigo, dizziness


Vision issues, cough, asthma, bronchitis, neck pain, whiplash, numbness in the arms and hands, degenerative disk disease, headache, migraines


Pain of the knee, feet, shoulder, lower back, sciatica nerve, carpal tunnel syndrome, sprain/strain of any joint or muscle, spine,numbness of legs or arms, drop foot


Gastrititis, G.E.R.D. (Heart Burn), constripation, diarrhea, IBS, gallbladder problems, bloating

Women's Health

PMS, irregular or painful periods, infertility, pre-natal needs, labor induction, menopausal syndrome, headache, urinary track infections

Sports Injuries

tendonitis,sprain/strain, optimal function and recovery, fatigue, over-training


fatigue, restless leg syndrom, stop smoking, weight loss, insomnia, depression, anxiety, post-surgical recovery, prostate swelling, urinary retention


In New Mexico, Doctors of Oriental Medicine are licensed as primary care providers in the specialty of Oriental Medicine, so a referral from another doctor is never required with the exception of Workman's Compensation, see below.


It is a simple process to obtain your benefits, call your plan, look up your plan on-line, or call us. 1-505-265-6206
Dr. Trujillo is a contracted provider for:
  • Blue Cross Blue Shield of New Mexico
  • Blue Cross Blue Shield Federal Plans
  • Presbyterian Health Plans
  • United Health Care
  • New Mexico Mutual - Workman's Compensation


Regrettably Medicaid and Medicare do not cover acupuncture treatment at this time, but some of the Medicare supplemental plans do, so if you need assistance in making that determination let us help you.


We take workman’s compensation cases but with this type if coverage/claim you must first receive a referral from your case-managing physician. Simply ask your doctor for a referral then call us to schedule.


For automobile insurance coverage of acupuncture you will need to have MedPay on your auto insurance plan or have a lawyer who will advocate that all of your MVA medical bills are covered.
I am a graduate of Southwest Acupuncture College, and of a private clinical internship with a Naturopath/Acupuncturist in Santa Fe, Licensure 1986. Each few years have brought a different emphasis and study to my practice, from the ancient classics to the modern medical discoveries. My experiences as a lifelong athlete, meditator, my ongoing exploration of consciousness studies, social sciences, nutrition and current medical news informs my clinical approach.
For many years I worked as a Certified Examiner for the Board of Acupuncture and Oriental Medicine conducting the clinical skills examination for licensure candidates.
East West Acupuncture Clinic is a 2,000 square foot space with additionaal rooms/suites available for lease to other health professionals. Current associates/staff are:
  • Christine Weidman - Wilson DVM All Creatures Healing Arts Vetrinary Acupuncture & Chiropractic, 505.332.0273
  • Andrea Ensign, NP Psychiatric Nurse Practioner, 505.577.2577
If you are interested in leasing a clinic room please call and inquire about availability, 505.265.6206

Location And Contact Information

East West Acupuncture is located only minutes from Sandia National Labs, University of New Mexico, Uptown, Downtown, the near Heights and valley. We are between San Mateo NE and Washington NE, in the first block north of Central Avenue.

East West Acupuncture Clinic,Inc.
135 Madison St. NE
Albuquerque, New Mexico 87108
Phone: 505.265.6206